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Kylee Testimonial

"As a volleyball player and former D1 athlete, I love having a protein that allows me to stay lean without adding a bunch of calories. *"

Kylie Volleyball Player / Fitness Coach

"IdealLean is delicious and easy to mix on the go. It’s exactly what I need after a workout. *"

Emily Gym Rat

"IdealLean is by far the best protein I've ever taken. Not only is it made with women in mind, it also tastes better than any other brand I've tried! Taking it before and after my workouts has been great, but it's helped my stamina on the bike as well! *"

Brittney Motocross Athlete
Whitney Testimonial

"I needed a shake for me. Between being active and doing olympic lifting 5 days a week, recovery is important. IdealLean's Recovery Blend and 100% Whey Isolate fit all of my nutrition needs. *"

Whitney Olympic Lifter / Coach